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If I had to pick one beauty product that I couldn’t live without, it would be my oils! Face oils, serums, body oils, hair oils; you name it!! You can literally put them anywhere on your body and look like a glowing goddess…who doesn’t love that! If they weren’t so bloody expensive I would bathe in them!!

The difference between a serum and an oil is:

Oil molecules are much larger and can only penetrate the outermost layer of the skin. This is helpful for super dry skin on the outer layer and still provides you with that radiant glowy look.

A Serum helps to repair and protect your skin. It also helps with almost any skin conditions you may have! You might be missing this essential in your skin-care routine, if you don’t have it in there already I highly suggest you look into one that is suitable for your skin needs.

I personally use these both together as they feel amazing and make your skin look and feel amazing.

If you still want to apply moisturizer in the morning too apply it after all your serums and oils have been applied and set into the skin. I normally wait about 5 minutes.

Some of my personal faves :

For Hair:

For Body:

For Face: 

(All of these products are vegan, nut free, gluten free and soy free)

These next three oils I use every single morning:

A few benefits :

They provide plenty of hydration as well as a boost of nutrition for your skin.

Hair oils can be used to help with frizziness or dryness in hair as well as to use at night to really moisturize hair. Your hair will only soak up as much oil as it needs, so apply more at night to see what your hair wants to soak up or not and that way if it’s too oily in the morning you can just have a quick shower. Your hair will thank you for the extra moisture.

Serums/Oils can reduce your wrinkles- which no one really wants.

Using them on a nightly basis really helps combat the aging process and firmness of the skin.

For the person who just can’t seem to get enough moisture using a moisturizer try oils!! You will be amazed at how much moisture they really give you!

They make the perfect primer for makeup!

I put on the three oils I posted about earlier in this post everyday before I apply my makeup and it makes my skin feel so much better! I know I’m getting amazing moisture underneath the makeup.

There are so many oils out there and it can be quite daunting picking the right one as they are pricey! There are lots of oils that are personalized for certain skin issues or also are aimed at preventing issues and a facialist is the best person to ask when picking which one works best for your skin type. I also love reading reviews. One of my favourite places to shop that sells some of the most amazing oils is revolve clothing! I love how they have product reviews on the oils so I can hear from real people about their opinions as well as results using the products.

Oils and serums are definitely not cheap so if you’re still unsure about what to get then head to your nearest spa and ask a specialist who works there for their opinion.

The Facial Room also sells all eminence products and you can message the owner to hear about what products she would recommend! She’s been in the industry for years and really knows her stuff! My mom has seen her for facials for over 20 years and I have probably now seen her for about 12. She is the best of the best!

TIP: You can even mix in a bit of light weight oil to your foundation to give you a super nice glowy and youthful look or to dilute foundation. Give it a try!! A favourite among many makeup artists!

FUN FACT : Ancient Egyptians used Moringa oil to keep their skin glowing and vibrant!

A few of my other faves:




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